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Meet The Team


Co-Owner & Content Creator

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Our Story

 Jordyn (14) became fascinated with a selfie museum out of state and asked if they could visit once it was safe to travel because there were no selfie museums in Michigan at the time. Kelli’s entrepreneurial spirit quickly kicked in and she replied, “Let's create our own!” The two began researching selfie museums all over the world, they soon came up with different concepts and became inspired through all the research.


Soon after they began looking for locations. Once they began looking in Downtown Detroit, they knew it was no turning back. “We could feel the energy” Kelli exclaimed, and Jordyn agreed. They soon connected with Bedrock and began the process of securing a location. “This project has to be of Quality” Kelli kept repeating as they worked on finding the perfect contractors and creators to help execute their vision. 

Mom and Daughter Duo!

It was important to Jordyn that they remained creative through the process so that the concepts can give visitors new and exciting content. It was important to Kelli to ensure the museum was child-friendly as she is a mom herself and wanted to be sure her children could come to work with her at any time. Kelli made sure Jordyn understood how to run a business from the ground up. She taught her how to select contractors, how to be prepared for zoom meetings, how to register a business with the state of Michigan, how to open and manage a business account, and how to manage expenses. This experience has been so rewarding for them both. 

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